Today I am writing about the Blog “Dialogue Together” itself because I want to share with you some exciting recent developments. It all began when Yuval Rahamim, director of the Forum of Organizations of Peace in Israel, invited me to attend meetings deliberating on how to reach out to professional organizations promoting subjects relating to intercultural relations and peace. At those fascination meetings decisions were taken, among which proposals were made to upgrade our “Blog “Dialogue together”.

Inbar Yasur, director of the Forum of Information Specialists, i-fish, and convener of the academic program to train information specialists at the Technion in Haifa, undertook to send a request to all participants in the Forum to volunteer contributions to the Blog “Dialogue together”.

We received messages from twenty-five information specialists requesting information about our Blog. A meeting was held in Tel Aviv attended by twenty information specialists from many areas in Israel. The meeting was most rewarding, because each person related where they had heard about the call for volunteers to contribute to a website promoting intercultural relations.  I was very moved by this reaction to my work; I told them about my motivation to develop this blog and showed them a presentation of roles for volunteering to contribute to the website.

Soon after I had sent out a summary of this meeting, I was contacted by volunteers with suggestions of roles they could undertake. The director of the marketing company “Social Valley” undertook to promote the Blog through internet marketing. Hanan Lev, a business development director, is already working on strategy to promote the Blog.
In addition to this, I also submitted the call to the Ebert Fellows Program to promote a generation of young leaders and leaders who will work for our society. The program provides students with the opportunity to gain experience in social activities in civil society organizations that promote social justice and human rights. The program offers fellows and colleagues a track that combines specialization in social change organizations, participation in training meetings and an annual academic course. You can read more about the program and its goals here. I was accepted as a civic social project and received Rauf Saawed, a student from Oranim College, to experiment with my site. We thought about building a work plan for him that would include meetings with organizations that promote a common society and a personal experience in promoting a shared life, and all he plans to share on the site will be translated into Arabic .

As you can imagine, I am very excited about these developments for the future of my blog increasing the impact on the community relating to the inculcation of positive attitudes to all cultures. Thanks to Avihai Ran for his photographs of nature while together with  a group of Jewish and Arab photographers recorded events relating to the dialogue between these communities. Thank you my readers for being among the over 2,000 subscribers supporting our desire to promote intercultural relations.