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Welcome to my blog about intercultural relations.
A few words of explanation.
My name is Keren, in the morning I work in the Israeli Ministry of Education as a supervisor of extracurriculum activities in schools and in the evenings I initiate social activism.
I write this blog because I believe that there is a major need for the concentration of information about organizations and programs and persons involved or interested in intercultural relations, tolerance and knowledge about “others” in our community.

This blog has already become a platform for information and ideas in the area relating to social and volunteering activities.

It already provides a platform for more than 200 organizations involved in intercultural relations.

The blog moves between my personal opinions and those of others, creating increased dialogue with others.
There is the hope that by specifying the activities and institutions involved in the area of intercultural relations this will benefit us and our children in the future.
Because of my belief in humanity I am creating contacts that generate cooperation and increasing dialogue between communities.

I have been involved over the years in dealing with the complex area of cooperation between groups that in fact are in conflict. As a consequence I have realized that there is a dire need to concentrate all the information about intercultural relations in this website, and I call upon you to join us.

What does this blog present?

  1. Information about activities and events on intercultural relations
  2. Innovative projects, associations, organizations, forums,  youth and adult movements.
  3. Please contact me with information about your activities in the area of intercultural relations.  
  4. Calls for volunteers and jobs that are associated with this agenda.
  5. Any assistance to my website would be appreciated.

This blog contains reliable and relevant information which can lead to contacts and increase in the numbers of persons willing to act toward a change in the public agenda in the area of intercultural relations.
We would like to express our gratitude to all those who have commented, encouraged and reacted and all those organizations who have sent information to our repository. Special thanks go to Danny Margalit who was the first person to appreciate the dynamic potential of this platform.

Who is Keren Ketko Ayali who initiated this platform?
Born in Jerusalem. Married and mother of four.
Degrees in Business Administration for M.A. graduate in Social Studies at Tel Aviv University; M.A. in Communications and Journalism at the Hebrew University; B.A. in Humanities at the Hebrew University.
Presently employed at the Social and Youth Administration Department of the Ministry of Education in the central area of Israel.
Over the past years I have directed projects in the area of intercultural relations with the Communities Hangout Bridges program with the ORT schools, the Google Company and the Peres Center for Peace, dialogue through the media, coexistence through sport, women circles, etc.
Director of community associations
Teaching and education projects.
Studies, instruction of youth, community work overseas; journalism and spokesmen’s office.
Throughout my life I have been involved in volunteer programs and presently volunteer in many projects ( Young Maccabi, Jewish Ajency Partnership 2gether and Good Neighborhood – Jews and Arabs).
Please post your opinions about this platform


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