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A FEW SPOTS ARE AVAILABLE TO JOIN THE ADAM INSTITUTE’S COURSE ON RACISM THAT STARTS WEDNESDAY, January 13th! What is classical racism and what is modern racism? What is the difference between racism a Read More

January 11, 2021 39

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The Next Generation’s Perc...

Voices from the Holy Land, in conjunction with  Bright Stars of Bethlehem, invites you understand the next generation of Palestinians’ perceptions of the Occupation.  We are screening three short film Read More

January 10, 2021

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Education for peace, liberal val...

Hundreds of Israeli educators and education researchers had the good fortune to monitor an online discussion organized by the Taub Center with Prof. Andreas Schleicher, the Director for Education and Read More

January 10, 2021 106

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A life story – small anecdotes a...

  So this time, Michal introduces us to Yonatan Kunda, after she came across his play and was impressed by it. Yonatan’s play was published in a collection of plays about coexistence. It’s a fasc Read More

December 30, 2020 89

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2020 International Hate Speech a...

You are invited to the “International Conference on Hate Speech and Discrimination” organized by the Hrant Dink Foundation with the support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and the Swedish Ministry Read More

December 8, 2020

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Activist Pedagogy

You’re probably asking yourselves what does this title mean, activist pedagogy? Well, I’m here to try and answer this question through a series of articles. But before I start with the explanations, I Read More

December 8, 2020 165

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From the adventures of Yehoshua ...

Written by: Yehoshua Ratz, educator “Why have you brought us here?!” Hadas screamed at me with tears in her eyes. “Us” – the mixed class at the special project, Jews and Arabs, observant and secular. Read More

December 5, 2020 204

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Coexistence at sea – Arabs and J...

Omer and Yaron met during their academic studies and became the best of friends. While sharing their hobby of surfing and their studies, they came up with the idea to combine their two loves, educatin Read More

November 30, 2020 273

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