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International Peace Day 2021 – L...

Some events were planned for the week that marked International Peace Day (the reasons behind the date and more details can be found here). This post will focus on three events, in the north, in Jerus Read More

October 10, 2021 72

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ZUMU Lod, a cultural multi-senso...

The term “ZUMU” is a combination of the words move and museum in Hebrew. ZUMU is a community based mobile museum traveling throughout Israel and showcasing changing exhibits that are created and curat Read More

September 9, 2021 106

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מה התקשורת לא מספרת לנו על מה שק...

פאנל יערך ב 2/6 בשעה 20:00 בזום בהשתתפות הדוברים: רמי יונס, עיתונאי, במאי ופעיל תרבותי. רמי הוא ממקימיו של ה Palestine Music Expo. עד לאחרונה שימש כעמית בבית ספר לתיאולוגיה באוניברסיטת הרווארד. בפאנל Read More

June 7, 2021

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Yeshayahu Tadmor, former princip...

Yeshayahu Tadmor, professor of education, former principal of the  Reali high school for fifteen years (1982-1996, and to this day considered ‘the mythological’ principal of the Reali), describes in t Read More

February 10, 2021 519

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A life story – small anecdotes a...

  So this time, Michal introduces us to Yonatan Kunda, after she came across his play and was impressed by it. Yonatan’s play was published in a collection of plays about coexistence. It’s a fasc Read More

December 30, 2020 548

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Story of an Activist Woman, Shar...

Katef Murad Salame began her academic career at the Beit Jann Comprehensive High School, known as the top school in Israel for Bagrut (matriculation tests) eligibility, and continued as a student of c Read More

March 29, 2020 1314

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Wake Up Now by Sun Tailor and Sa...

Do you know how it is when you listen to a song and from that moment it’s playing in your head for the rest of the day, and you’re humming it…that’s the story with “Wake Up Now” by the musicians Sun T Read More

December 31, 2019 1825

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Going together for a joint future

When he was a boy, Yaakov Yonish’s father told him to count the grains in a handful of sand and although it was quite obvious to him that this was impossible, his father taught him that he must keep o Read More

February 22, 2019 2509

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Beit Midrash—Madrasa, Jewish and...

Recently it has come to my attention that groups of Jews and Arabs in Israel are meeting regularly to study together Jewish, Moslem and Christian sacred texts and classical works. This year 140 studen Read More

February 22, 2019 2381

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In 2004, Paul Mor, a musician originally from England, suggested to the headmaster of the Democratic school in Ramat Hashron, to teach children in his school to play the ukulele. At the same time he p Read More

January 4, 2019 2327

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