These times that we’re living through have brought me a flood of initiatives dealing with shared life, connection and mutual healing. I know that the situation is complicated, and that this list sounds slightly one-dimensional and shallow, not really promoting a solution and conciliation. However, the deluge of initiatives made me think that a website like this, that advocates for a life of partnership, should publish them. Precisely for this reason, I thought that this is the place to remind us, the fearful, the concerned, the hopeless that there are hundreds of organizations and initiatives that have been promoting partnerships in Israeli society for years. And we won’t let this partnership undertaking shatter in our faces. The purpose of this site was always to be a platform for projects against the backdrop of hatred and division that have plagued us and not been properly dealt with for years. A reminder of the spectacular progress we’ve made in connecting to each other as a result of hard work through the years. The aim of this site has been and will continue to be the promotion of the social values: tolerance, partnership, liberalism, equality, humanism and innovation – these are the values that must shape our decisions, and the decisions of those with whom we come in contact. It’s obvious and clear that we can’t be swept away with the angry, vengeful, violent mob who is not motivated by these values. The objective of the blog has been to showcase and emphasize the positive aspects of good, normative neighborly relations between Arabs and Jews that would bring hope to disheartened people, in contrast to the leadership who incites enmity and the media who emphasizes hate and causes despair. The blog brings instances of a tremendous endeavor that has been ongoing for years between Jews and Arabs in Israel, despite the great tension and existing oppression, there is still a mutual undertaking of human beings who want to connect, talk, discuss and find solutions of conciliation and healing – and this website teaches and points to it. This site aims to affect people interested in taking part in the momentum and energy of the socio-political endeavor that promotes partnership. So that now, I’m inundated with people approaching me about initiatives big and small. Please see below the list (that’s kept updated). You can add more initiatives in the comments below or contact me.

Please note that you should check in advance whether events are taking place since there have been some cancelations!

A presentation of initiatives

For the complete list (in Hebrew) please see here.