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Welcome to the multicultural relations web portal

This is a community non-profit initiative that began to appear in 2016 as a site with the purpose of collating and presenting information on intercultural relations in Israel and about the large variety of activities taking place in the areas of culture among Jews and Arabs. This is a useful web portal which brings information together from diverse sources in a uniform way to the general public, institutions and organizations.

This repository of information sets outs to bring attention to the normative dialogue relating to placemaking among Jews and Arabs. It tells of undertakings to bring about contacts between communities and individuals. Our purpose is to reveal the encouraging and hopeful aspects of these developments, which are not always brought to the attention of the public. Instead of focusing on expressions of radicalism and racialism, we will reveal the large variety of activity taking place in this area.

In order to enable organizations, institutions and individuals to learn about these activities, this portal presents the vast amount of useful information available. This includes programs, lectures, workshops and conventions that can be useful for activities in the various areas of activity.

The values we promote are – cooperation, respect and equality in dialogue, empathy and esteem.

What can be found in this web portal?

  1. A selection of information about organizations, programs and initiatives.
  2. A chart of organizations in the area of intercultural relations, the first in Israel.
  3. List of events updated regularly, to which events can be added.
  4. Table of festivals of various religions with explanations.
  5. List of job opportunities for the promotion of intercultural relations, peace and tolerance.
  6. A blog of articles, interviews, reports of community activity in various sections.
  7. Update – register for participation in conventions, study days, workshops and details about submitting information concerning prizes, scholarships and funds available.
  8.  Resource center – a collection of articles selected by experts, reviews of movies, books, and relevant materials.
  9. 10 words in Hebrew, English and Arabic for learning and games.
  10. Vision.

Who is the web portal intended for?

  1. The general public.
  2. People engaged in community activities.
  3. Organizations involved in intercultural relations: Organizations, initiative activities for learning, discovering cooperative ventures.
  4. For senior staff: directors of personnel departments, school principals, heads of informal education programs, organizers of tours, coordinators of social action frameworks, and persons involved in this area of activity, organized activities dealing with placemaking among Jews and Arabs, organizers of lectures, workshops, meetings, and conventions.

Our thanks go to all the volunteers and the support of our subscribers, which have made possible the existence of this web portal. Join our supporters and subscribers to our newsletter and receive a bounty of energy and lots of information directly to your email address.