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intercultural relations education

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Do you want to learn Arabic but aren’t sure how to start? Here is a dedicated list of Arabic courses, everything you need to know

general, intercultural relations education

Arabic courses – anyone interested in developing a shared life among neighbors knows that this must include the ability to communicate. And there’s nothing like the ability to communicate in the language of your partners to this discussion, especially when…

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Recreational and wellbeing centered activities for the elderly – the story of Mazal Katzir, an activist working to bring people together globally

general, intercultural relations education

     I have recently learned that the life expectancy in Israel is growing and have also come across the subject of recreational activities and activities promoting wellbeing for the elderly. Once people retire, they enter a new life phase…

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Game for change

general, intercultural relations education

When Uri Mishali attended a conference of the American organization “Games for Change” he realized the potential computer games had for bringing about change in various strata of the society in Israel – Jews, Arabs, religious and non-religious – not…

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