A murky wave has clouded the last part of 2022. We feel a threat to the foundations of our democratic existence, exposed to discussions everywhere characterized by racism. Ideas of discrimination and legitimization of unequal treatment rise to the public discourse, most of the dark ideas are brought up in public, by members of the elected leadership and many join it. And so, it seems to me that today, it is doubly important to write a new article here on the blog, to remind us of the sanity shown through the actions of the shared life in our country. We at the Dialog Together website, have always spoken of the many activities related to a shared life between Arabs and Jews even though most media do not. We are here to talk about the many actions that promote the principles of equality, the ideas of open-mindedness, openness to one another and the importance of constant and consistent dialog among us. This discourse was born during our joint activities and our intercultural striving to preserve the democratic values in the diverse communities.

By checking the site’s Google Analytics, we can see which articles you liked the most in 2022, which pages were accessed the most in 2022, and additional data that I will share now, perhaps these will give us some hope for the coming of 2023.

What are the pages with the most views for 2022?

In third place “Organizations” was the most viewed page in 2022

In second place “Calls for proposals for scholarships and grants” was the most viewed page in 2022

And in first place “Jobs” was the most viewed page in 2022

What are your favorite blog articles in 2022?

In first place, the most viewed and read blog article in 2022 is: “A life story – small anecdotes about significant relationships – Michal’s initiative (chapter four) – Yonatan Kunda” – the series of articles called “A life story” was initiated by Michal Arzi, a wonderful woman who exposed us to the culture of shared life through personal stories, prose, and drama. This was the fourth chapter of the series; the article reveals to us Yonatan Kunda whom Michal came across and was impressed by a play he wrote that was published in a collection of plays about coexistence. The booklet is fascinating and is called “Jewish-Arab Encounters in Daily Life“, and it consists of the winning plays, including Yonatan’s. Yonatan, born in 1986, is a poet and musician and a founding member of the multilingual Jaffa rap band “System Ali”. Click here if you haven’t read it yet.

If you’d like to browse through Michal’s series of life stories, click here.

In second place of the articles that you liked the most in 2022 is the article that although written a while back, is still relevant. International Women’s Day, annually on 8/3, turns out to be interesting and relevant throughout the year. The article is entitled “International Women’s Day – successful women in Arab society and women promoting a shared life”. The article deals with three aspects of the actions of the women chosen to be at the center of International Women’s Day: remembering the women who have worked in the past and to this day to achieve equal rights, the contribution of women towards world peace and women’s achievements. In Israeli society, many women, Jewish and Arab, leaders and pioneers, who influence public life in the fields of citizenship, education, employment, health, economy and society. Sharona Amitai, a volunteer at the shared life website, has collected for our use links to multiple materials by category, on the topic of successful women and especially in the Arab society. If you have additional materials, references, stories, ideas – write to us in the comments so that we can add them thus eliciting a sense of pride, which probably explains how this post came in second place of the most read articles in 2022. click the link to read the article and to send us additional relevant content.

The third most read article for 2022 is: “Activist pedagogy and the five-level model for its implementation and the promotion of active citizenship in teaching-learning – article summary” (in Hebrew) This post from a series on “Activist Pedagogy is the 3rd most popular in 2022, summarizes an academic article, written in three languages in a way that is accessible to the general public and students dealing with education and activism. The abstract is based on an article published in English by: Ketko, A. K., & Bocoş, M. (2020). Practical Five-Level Model for Activist Pedagogy and Promoting Active Citizenship: Film Study in Israel as a Test Case, Educatia 21(19), 74-85 (edited by: Dr. Solly Ward, Education Department at the Civil Rights Association). He briefly describes what the activist pedagogy approach is but expands on a practical model for implementing the approach in and out of the classroom. There’s a follow-up article that continues the summary and includes a case study describing an example of the application of the approach through film and media studies. Click here for the article summary in Hebrew, and here for the full article. If you’d like to review the activist pedagogy approach described in the article, click here and scroll through the page and see references to additional articles on the subject.

What was the article that garnered the most views in one day?

On April 23, 2022 812 readers clicked on “Ask for peace and pursue it” an introduction to a variety of initiatives that promote social change for understanding between Jewish and Arab communities describing initiatives and actions to promote joint activities among Arabs and Jews. In the article I highlighted an array of interesting actions, the products of three initiatives to promote dialog and understanding between the Jewish and Arab communities. A video clip that combines unique pictures taken by talented photographer Gal Mosenson in a nursery school and a multicultural kindergarten located in the Bedouin settlement of Hilf, in the Basmat-Tab’un municipality – “Ein Bustan”. A bilingual music video clip for the promotion of a common culture through joint songs produced by the principal of the bilingual school “Kulana Yahad” in Jaffa, Sharon Ramon. And the video clips of original rap music by the Uriya Rosenman and Sameh “Saz” Zakout that show an authentic discourse between the two young men who founded “Dugri” – an educational and musical project promoting social change for a shared life.

More data about 2022

The Dialog Together website is accessed from the following 10 countries:

Israel, USA, Palestine, UK, Germany, Egypt, Japan, France, Netherlands and undefined

From Israel there were 59,771 readers, from all cities!!!

I was surprised to find certain cities around the world from which Dialog Together was accessed, showing the importance of the site being written in 3 languages…thank you to the amazing volunteers who translate everything to Arabic and English. Here are some of the hits divided by geography:

Istanbul – 29 hits

Shanghai – 30 hits

Bangalore – 26 hits

Australia – 25 hits

Dubai – 21 hits

Washington D.C. – 43 hits

Helsinki – 57 hits

Los Angeles – 60 hits

Dublin – 68 hits

Amsterdam – 98 hits

Paris – 95 hits

London – 130 hits

New York City – 205 hits

I’ll conclude by saying that summarizing the 2022 statistics shows us the importance of the Dialog Together website…this empowers all of us, volunteers, content creators, and support people to continue…