Do you dream of starting a start-up / taking a step into the world of high-tech??
Are you Israeli or Palestinian between the ages 20-26? Are you tired of constant conflict and miscommunication between our peoples?
Then this opportunity is for you!

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We are proud to announce that the applications for our two-week long hi-tech seminars have opened!!
One seminar in Yeruham in August and one in Nazareth in September.

**No previous experience needed**

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**More info:**
So what exactly is Tech2peace?

Tech2Peace is an organization with the goal of creating social and professional connections between Israelis and Palestinians and therefore laying the groundwork for future collaboration in different fields.
The seminars are two weeks long and focus on High-tech and conflict resolution seminar. Palestinian and Israeli participants will come together to learn practical High-tech skills and have the unique opportunity to interact in a positive setting with their peers from the other side. These seminars will be open to a total of 30 participants, aged 20-26.

Tech2Peace is an intensive seminar and our participants must be committed and motivated to succeed! An average day of the seminar will look something like this:

8:30 – Breakfast
9:00 – Workshop- High-tech/dialogue
13:00 – Lunch
14:00 – Workshop- High-tech/dialogue
17:00 – Social activity/Guest speaker
18:30 – Lab Access or activity
19:30 – Dinner
20:30 – Evening activities/free time

We will also be inviting successful Arab and Jewish tech entrepreneurs to speak at the seminar, and, importantly, there will be field trips and lots of great activities!
The tech portion of the seminar will be taught by educators from BIG IDEA, an organization well known for its high-tech courses, and in collaboration with MISTI, from MIT University.

The conflict resolution portion will be facilitated by staff from Yad Beyad (a grassroots organization specializing in conflict resolution dialogue).

The ultimate goal of the Tech2Peace seminar is to jump-start your career in High-tech and lay the groundwork for peace between our nations. We aim to create a collaborative network of tech professionals who can support one another personally and professionally, and also serve as role models for coexistence in their communities.

*We’ll apply for permits for the selected Palestinian participants*

**Application Form**

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