The “Human Kindness” Photo Exhibition opened in Haifa in January 2017 by the Curator Yossi Zamir, veteran photographer,  reveals different aspects of moments of kindness shown by residents to each other during the recent fire that began in Zichron Yaakov, where I live, and spread north to the Haifa Bay area.

Each of the photos is most moving, as they tell stories of mutual aid by the inhabitants that obviously took place in a fracture of a second caught by the camera. There are pictures of fireman helped by residents trying to stop the fire from spreading. There is a shot of Humadi of Usfiya, of the Palestine Fire Brigade working alongside an Israeli firemen, caught by the Zichron photographer Yoav Ettiel, their eyes red from the smoke and lack of sleep as they worked around the clock.


צלם יואב איתיאל



The work of a number of Jewish and Arab photographers shown were selected by Yossi Zamir, curator of the exhibition. Some of the pictures shown here were taken by photographer Rawda Ganayem, she also told about it in the ceremony.

The heat from the fires, and the human kindness between the residents, are shown with unprecedented intensity in the photos on show. 

The photographers and many of those pictured in the exhibition attended the opening ceremony There were Members of the Knesset, representatives of the local councils and also pupils from the Leo Beck high school.

This is me telling about the blog as an inovative social activist, about the fire and taking responsibility and sharing my opinion against the incitement against Arabs, expressed in the media. Although it was proved that no person was judged .

Below you can see some of the photographs: