Following is a list of information sources on this tragic, historic, inaugural milestone that we would expect to affect political and other decision making in our lives here today. Having an open discussion with Jews, Arabs, Christians and other minorities about the Jewish Holocaust in World War II is both important and useful, morally and politically. The International Holocaust Remembrance Day occurs on January 27th. Shelly Aridor has compiled information on this subject in the spirit of Dialog Together’s agenda.

A Holocaust remembrance monument in Budapest. There are monuments for Holocaust remembrance scattered all over the world – so humanity Will Never Forget

When Muslims saved Jews from Christians, published February 2, 2018.

Shortly after the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, after the Polish law furor had died down and with the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict forever in the background, we should discuss the Muslim Righteous Among the Nations. The testimonies about acts of grace are innumerable, but the official act of acknowledgement is far more complicated. This is the same complexity that is so prevalent in the relations between us.

Arabic terms for Holocaust Remembrance Day – From the Hikmeh School of Arabic website

Remember the Holocaust together, Jews and Arabs – Yoseph Haddad’s article in Israel Today, January 22, 2019

Learning about the Holocaust in an Arab-Jewish school – Guy Aloni April 24, 2017

Deep fears arising from the narratives behind building ourselves as a nation drive our national memories. There are Jewish teachers who find it difficult to forsake their grip on the subject of the Holocaust, perhaps thinking that without it one of the justifications for our national existence would cease to exist. But it’s also important to talk about the Arab school teachers in Israel who might also have a hard time forsaking their grip on their national catastrophes that are part of their narrative. What’s important to note is that Holocaust remembrance, and a day has been set aside for this internationally on an annual basis, can teach humanity as a whole about the importance of the struggle against racism in its broadest sense. Those who wish to delve deeper, comment and continue to discuss this subject are welcome to click the links and search for information. More information can be added as well.

Holocaust Remembrance Day and the Arab community in Israel – articles from Arabs in Israel Interdisciplinary information space

Lesson plans on the International Holocaust Remembrance Day January 27th – from the Ministry of Education

Lesson plans on The International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust for high school classes – from Yad Vashem

Lessons plans about the International Holocaust Remembrance Day – from the Israel Teachers’ Union

Empathy and change of attitude of Arab high-school students towards the Other following academic and experiential study of the Holocaust – Master’s thesis by Taher Abu-Ria 2014, Haifa University

The effects of youngsters’ visits to Poland on their empathy toward the sufferings of the Israeli Arabs – PhD Dissertation by Hava Shechter 2002, University of Haifa

We would highly appreciate it if you would add in the comments below other important sources about the International Holocaust Remembrance Day in the context of the Dialog Together site that we might have missed. It could be a book you’ve read, or an episode in a series that you’ve viewed or anything else really, and we’ll gladly add it to this database.