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A New Look – Arab-Jewish photogr...

Art is a unique way to connect cultures. The Givat Haviva Art Center believes that art is a means to development, expression, freedom, connection and most important – a shortcut to minds and the abili Read More

March 3, 2021 529

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מקרה בוחן: ניתוח החינוך הקולנועי...

כאן מופיע מקרה בוחן המבוסס על תקציר של מאמר מאת קרן קטקו איילי ומושטה בוקוש’ שהתפרסם באנגלית: Ketko, A. K., & Bocoş, M. (2020). Practical Five-Level Model for Activist Pedagogy and Promoting Active Ci Read More

February 26, 2021

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Yeshayahu Tadmor, former princip...

Yeshayahu Tadmor, professor of education, former principal of the  Reali high school for fifteen years (1982-1996, and to this day considered ‘the mythological’ principal of the Reali), describes in t Read More

February 10, 2021 615

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A FEW SPOTS ARE AVAILABLE TO JOIN THE ADAM INSTITUTE’S COURSE ON RACISM THAT STARTS WEDNESDAY, January 13th! What is classical racism and what is modern racism? What is the difference between racism a Read More

January 11, 2021 567

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Education for peace, liberal val...

Hundreds of Israeli educators and education researchers had the good fortune to monitor an online discussion organized by the Taub Center with Prof. Andreas Schleicher, the Director for Education and Read More

January 10, 2021 633

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