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Coexistence at sea – Arabs and J...

Omer and Yaron met during their academic studies and became the best of friends. While sharing their hobby of surfing and their studies, they came up with the idea to combine their two loves, educatin Read More

November 30, 2020 852

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Marcia: a story of suffering, ha...

Let me tell you a true story – small stories of significant relationships – Michal’s initiative (chapter three) Marcia Kreisel’s story — some background: it’s been twenty years since this took place, Read More

November 28, 2020 805

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Yehoshua Ratz – active in educat...

First anecdote: “Falafel Liftawi” is a small falafel stand on the side of the road connecting student housing at the French Hill neighborhood to the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. A little behind it Read More

October 20, 2020 767

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Impressions from a conference on...

Myriam Darmoni recently took part in a fascinating conference about Israelis – Palestinians and others. The conference organizers are part of the inter-faith forum. The conference took place at the St Read More

October 14, 2020 819

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