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    Historical-political tour of Jaffa

    30/05 | 18:00-21:00

    Join Sadaka-Reut for a historical-political tour of Jaffa.
    The tour will provide the political context and historical roots for the current uprising in Jaffa against the Judaizing policies of the municipality and discrimination against Jaffa's Palestinian residents which have led to the current housing crisis.
    The tour is 3 hours long, and includes a closing conversation with members of SR staff.
    The tour will be in English, and is open to all. To those interested and able, we would appreciate a donation following the tour, to support our activities, with a suggested amount of 50 NIS. But to reiterate – payment is *not* mandatory.
    Also, a tour booklet will also be available for purchase at 35 NIS, for those interested! So bring ₪₪₪ just in case 🙂
    Some information about Sadaka-Reut –
    Sadaka-Reut was founded in 1983 by a group of Palestinian and Jewish students. Since then, it has been active in various parts of the country. Our activities focus on educating youths to be politically and socially active and on creating a bi-national community of activists for social change.
    We are Palestinian and Jewish activists who work together to build bi-national partnership in the society we live in. This partnership will be achieved by recognizing and taking responsibility for the inherent injustice in our current reality and by correcting this injustice as the foundation for a shared future for both peoples, together with other minorities that live in Israel.
    As Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Israel, and as activists, we feel that it is our responsibility to correct the current reality. Our work is based on our sense of belonging to our people, and on the belief that partnership, solidarity and a joint struggle are the only way to secure real change and build a more just society.
    For more information about our educational approach – https://tinyurl.com/4ntn5uy5
    If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to DD, at dd@reutsadaka.org.


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