Palestinian Dialogue Facilitator – מנחת דיאלוג ערביה לתוכנית מנהיגות של נערות יהודיות וערביות


לארגון Creativity for Peace דרושה מנחת דיאלוג ערביה אלופה! להנחייה משותפת יהודית-ערבית לקבוצת נערות בתוכנית מנהיגות ייחודית! הפרטים כאן:

We at Creativity for Peace are looking for a Palestinian Dialogue Facilitator.

to join our team in Israel/Palestine starting from March 2020

**** Please help us find the best candidates ****

About Creativity for Peace (CFP)

Creativity for Peace prepares the next generation of women leaders and peacemakers in Israel and Palestine. Our goal is to teach young women the emotional and practical skills they need to become leaders and peacemakers and to support them as they use their skills in the wider world. Our primary participants are 15-25 years old. They are Jewish Israelis, Palestinians living in Israel, and Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza. More than 250 young women have taken part in our work since 2003. Our programs include: Summer intensive (camp), Gatherings, ACT! (Action for Conflict Transformation), Community Meetings and Public speaking training.

About the Position

Dialogue is a fundamental and distinctive element of Creativity for Peace’s leadership and peacemaking program and crucial to achieving our mission. Our organization’s dialogue methodology, which has evolved over 15 years, incorporates aspects of nonviolent communication, compassionate listening, a range of spiritual and secular philosophies, as well as techniques unique to our organization. Our emphasis is on deep emotional transformation with attention to the individual needs of each young woman.

The Palestinian dialogue facilitator co-leads groups with Creativity for Peace’s Jewish dialogue facilitator. Groups generally consist of between 10 and 40 young women, ages 15-25, from Israel and Palestine. Dialogue is an essential element of Creativity for Peace’s annual three-week summer camp in the United States as well as every training, workshop, seminar, and other gathering of young women in the region.

Specific responsibilities

§ Plan and co-facilitate approximately 13 three-hour dialogue sessions for 16 high school girls from Israel and Palestine during Creativity for Peace’s annual three-week summer camp in the United States occurring in July-August. Participate in all aspects of camp and provide emotional support for campers.

§ Plan and co-facilitate dialogue at Creativity for Peace’s trainings, workshops, seminars, camper orientation, and other gatherings in Israel and Palestine. The number of meetings varies but average 6-10 separate events in different locations in Israel and the West Bank.

§ Actively participation in recruitment of new participants from September – December. Advise Creativity for Peace staff on camper selection and programs.

§ Provide emotional support for Creativity for Peace young women. This role will be the co-lead with the Jewish facilitator on initiating contact and follow up.

§ Administrative Duties including, but not limited to reporting and summaries after each dialogue/seminar. Reporting for funding partners as needed. Support with development of written curriculum.

§ Maintain political neutrality in all situations related to work with and for Creativity for Peace.

Experience and Qualifications

* Palestinian woman currently living in Israel or Palestine

* Fluent written and spoken English

* Demonstrated knowledge of psychology, counseling, conflict resolution or related field

* At least five years experience leading conflict resolution groups between Palestinians and Israelis. Background with youth and/or women a plus.
* Proven ability to employ a variety of techniques and methods and to respond to rapidly changing group and individual needs.
* Proven interpersonal and communication skills. Team player, resourceful, flexible, and creative.
* Commitment to empowering women and girls and nonviolent approaches to conflict.

Time Commitment and Compensation

This position is part-time, requiring 6-10 weekend or day-long meetings per year in various locations throughout Israel and the West Bank, planning time and three weeks in the United States each summer
Independent contractor status required
Compensation is based on experience

To Apply

Please send CV/resume and a cover letter (both in English) explaining your interest and qualifications to Tarrie Burnett, executive director, CVs sent without cover letters will not be considered.