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ALLMEP – Alliance for Middle East Peace פורום

Organization Type: פורומים

General Description:

ארגון שאוסף תרומות ומקצה אותן לפרויקטים המקדמים את השלום במזרח התיכון

מטרות וחזון:

ALLMEP is a coalition of over 100 organizations – and tens of thousands of Israelis and Palestinians, Arabs and Jews – building people-to-people cooperation, coexistence, equality, shared society, mutual understanding, and peace among their communities in the Middle East. We add stability in difficult times of crisis, such as these, and build an environment for peace over the long term.

Together, through our network, we work to bring greater resources and attention to the entire community of peacebuilders. ALLMEP works internationally to educate key audiences, including opinion makers, elected representatives, government officials, American and international funders, and the international community about the critical opportunities and needs of people-to-people efforts. In the region, build a community among our members, enhance better communication and coordination in the field, build their organizations’ capacities, develop best practices and serve as a platform for partnership and cooperation.

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