Strengthening Peacebuilding Efforts and Peacemaking Prospects in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is one of the core issues underlying the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and efforts to resolve it. President Trump’s December 2017 recognition of the city as Israel’s capital has sparked controversy given the city’s sensitive status, but the announcement noted that specific boundaries of Israel’s sovereignty in the city remain to be determined via negotiations between the two parties, leaving the city an unresolved final status issue. The city’s prominent role in the conflict derives in large measure from the fact that it plays host to a mixed population of Jews, Muslims and Christians with overlapping attachments to the city and to many of its religious sites, and competing national, religious and historical narratives. Recent proposals to revise Jerusalem’s municipal lines, and questions regarding the relationship between the city government and its Palestinian residents also contribute to ongoing tensions between the city’s inhabitants, and periodic outbursts of violence that serve to set back efforts toward a peaceful resolution to the conflict.


USIP seeks to foster thought innovation and deepen the impact of peacebuilding interventions centered on Jerusalem. Through this competition, USIP seeks proposals for projects with any of the following objectives:

  • Informing US and international efforts pertaining to the core issue of Jerusalem that can help bring about a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict;
  • Enabling practical steps that can preserve and advance the potential for successful diplomacy and can prevent violence in and around Jerusalem;
  • Bridging divides between Jerusalem communities.

Preference will be given to organizations with a proven track record of conducting projects in, or directly related to, Jerusalem.