I went out to seek hope in Women March for Peace and found activists who joined this march and who arouse inspiration.Twenty people marched through the entire two week period and were joined on the way by many others, like me, for a day.

I took my two year-old son, Inbar, with me because I believe that the results of this march are for his future. The march was held from 5th to 19th October. I joined them and found that everything was well organized, including transport provided from parking places. Inbar and I wore white shirts as requested and we met the hundreds of women participants.

I want to write about two of the women organizers who are devoted to activities for social change.
The person leading the march was Ulfat Haider, from an Arab village near Haifa, who is the Israel Volleyball champion. She was chosen to lead the march and organize it together with other members of the Women for Peace movement. She shouted orders through a megaphone but constantly smiled at everyone.
Yael Adami, Director of the Wilfred Museum at kibbutz Hazorea, addressed the marchers saying that the word “peace” would seem to be so far away, but smiled and stated at the top of her voice “This is a march for hope and we are lighting the torch for peace” which brought enthusiastic applause , and continued “even if at first we despair we must not submit to it, I believe in the ability to reach our goal by working together.”