A new intimate initiative is born, ‘salon activism’. ‘Salon activism’ is a joint social initiative to raise awareness of activist issues in the field of active and participatory citizenship. The initiative accessibly encourages dialog around cultural, social and political issues. Naturally, this initiative is on par with our dialog together website initiative – (our website incorporates all information on the subject of Arab and Jewish common ground). Thanks to our partners and unique volunteers we are all able to work together to advance society to a more humanistic place and bring in more people to support this in different ways (such as the dialog together website and the salon activism initiative).

So, we continue developing the concept of providing a platform and hosting activities to advance social-political change, only this time we left the screen (blog/website) behind thanks to the one and only Yanki Margalit. We hosted Sameh Zakout (Saz) and Uriya Rosenman, who moved us with their clip, ‘let’s talk straight’. At our meeting, we held a salon talk about the subject brought up by Uriya and Sameh – eradicating racism and their own personal journeys. The evening generated new initiatives in different directions and that’s a cause for joy. So, thanks to the talented Tal Margalit who photographed our salon meeting, and here it is for you. So please go ahead, press PLAY and see for yourselves.

If you have any questions, responses or suggestions for the next salon activism event, please post them in the comments below.