Every year we celebrate our blog birthday, as is customary in the blogosphere. A beautiful tradition. For me, the blog birthday gives me the opportunity to reflect on our blog’s elements, goals and vision, and to share some tips I’ve gleaned from writing an ideological, value-driven, social blog. This time it’s sort of a quarterly celebration thanks to an interview by Yonit Tzuk, the well-known blogger (who has also been my teacher on all things blog-related) for her blog. So, I won’t go into it too much on this post and will ask you to click this link and read or listen to the podcast – all about our Dialog Together blog. Yonit challenged me with some questions that led to reminisces on the one hand, but also share hopes for the future, and as usual some reflection and contemplation of our blog and its consequences. And most importantly, a chance to thank the volunteers who join me in making this blog so relevant and significant, please listen to the podcast or read the transcript here. I’d be happy if you were to come back here and comment below after reading/listening to the interview, or find another way to share your opinions with me.