Kafr Qasim, and Arab town in Southern Samaria, has recently seen interesting developments in its educational system. The Kafr Qasim Comprehensive High School has twinned with the Ahad Ha’am High School in Petach Tikva. Staff members of these schools met together to develop programs which led to pupils of both schools coming together to participate in joint projects with the purpose of gaining better understanding of the way of life of their communities.

בכפר קאסם משקיעים בדור העתיד

מפגשים משותפים בכפר קאסם

צוות הנהלה מקיף כפר קאסם עם צוות הנהלה מתיכון אחד העם פתח תקוה

This was in keeping with the proposals the President of Israel Rivlin for the coming together of “Four Tribes”  (Jewish non-religious, National Religious, Orthodox Religious and Arabs) to create the “New Order in Israel”.

In 2014, President Reuben Rivlin visited Kafr Qasim and met with pupils from the Qasim and Petach Tikva high schools. On this occasion the Mayor of Kafr Qasim, Badir Adel spoke about the successful attempts being made in this city to develop good relations between Arabs and Jews.

תמונה של התמונה הממוסגרת הנמצאת בחדר המנהל איאד , התלמידים משני בתי הספר עם הנשיא רובי רבלין

Another development in the area of education in Kafr Qasim is the introduction of high-tech studies and practical work for the 250 eleventh grade pupils taking the courses, which included electronics, electricity and computer programming. The pupils were taken on visits to leading companies functioning in this area.

 In 2007, the Tsofen organization set up by a number of high-tech companies opened courses for studies to prepare pupils for academic graduates to be employed in technological industries. Some 259 11th grade pupils in high schools in the Arab towns of  Tirah, , Jaljulia are currently participating in this program.

The Mayor of Kafr Qasim summed up the direction these development in education were taking by saying “The purpose of this type of education in our town is toward integration of our young people in Israeli society in the areas of employment and economics, good relations with the neighboring Jewish settlements, optimism and working toward a better future for all,”

האקתון תיכנוים מיוזמת ארגון צופן בנושא אפלקציות בחינוך

At the end of February. Kafr Qasim hosted the “Tech UN Conference” attended by people from all over the country discussing innovation, high-tech development, enterprendship, and intercultural relations.