Three years ago along with the creation of the blog and its upgrade into this website, we also established a Facebook page for Dialog Together. It started with a small number of likes, but slowly and surely and through dedicated daily publishing of meaningful information, a community was born. In this community, some people choose to respond to posts, others show their support through likes and yet others prefer to just be viewers. Through the years, we’ve upgraded from one like for the page to 2833 likes. Obviously, all posts are connected to the Dialog Together website, and mostly continue the same agenda, promoting connections, dialog, cooperation, common initiatives and other subjects relevant to our purpose of a common life together. There are also quite a few posts shared by Dialog Together organizations that are part of the website. What we now have is a relationship of trust with the community that has formed around the Facebook page and the website. And then one day it happened, one of our Facebook posts actually went viral (in its own small way) – one post caused a ton of reactions and exposure. Over 600 likes, over 40,000 views and over 10,000 reactions. It all started with the regular newsletter sent by me about once a month to people who sign up on the website (sign-up here). One of the subscribers, Dan, part of the BKIND initiative, connected me with Moran. Moran was nearing the end of her crowd funding campaign to raise money for her initiative, she only had a day and a half left. She quickly sent me information about her initiative which I promptly posted to Facebook, and for once the post flew like a bird, like I said before, over 300 shares, hundreds of comments, over 10,000 reactions and 40,842 views…craziness…of course Moran, overjoyed, reached her crowd funding goal, and could now proceed with her initiative.



Moran Stiassny, a 30-year-old Israeli digital nomad with a BA in Economics and Business, decided to take on the task of turning Jisr az-Zarqa into the first digital nomad village in Israel. Moran described wandering for a year and a half through Israel for the purpose of developing a digital tourism culture in the rural areas. She further elaborated how she processed all the meetings, challenges, knowledge, experience and insights she gleaned along the way into a novel and accurate solution meant to draw a new type of audience into Jisr az-Zarqa, one who previously had nothing to look for there.


Moran recounts how through an accelerated 3-month process the germ of her crazy idea turned into a marketing plan, development and management and gelled into the launch of the first co-working space in Israel. Located on the beach, this is the first project to be powered independently (green energy), the first born of a shared Arab-Jewish initiative. For her, “it’s a place to commune with nature, meet wonderful people, meet ourselves; a chance to grow closer, share and foster cooperation.”

“All new arrivals experience Jisr from a new perspective, simple, organic, not trying too hard to add touristic value; instead, it offers its own beauty and authenticity, as is.” The place is already full and Moran is super busy inviting more people to the new digital nomad village, “to enjoy a new and refreshing remote work experience in Israel, to disengage from the daily grind and allow any person to advance their craziest ideas in a place where anything might happen. Just gazing at the new pictures posted daily is inspiring,” says Moran.


Here you can follow what’s going on and get more information about the digital nomad village.

They’ve had gamers and game developers, app developers, innovators, user experience designers, CEOs of management consulting companies…there have been fancy lunches from the authentic Arab cuisine, happy hours with a food market hosted by the village ladies, a dip in the sea and the sunsets…wow those sunsets. Also, there’s a Guesthouse for anyone interested, another initiative in and of itself.

In conclusion, let’s toast Moran’s new initiative, who joined Niemer the fisherman, who is the happiest person, seeing as he is the owner of the place…